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Obligatory I GRADUATED FROM VCU!!! post.

Because I'll be made if I look at this in the future and didn't write about it.

also, when we're all rich, we'll go to can can for dinner. and it will be spectacular.

what upppp

23, bitches!!!
Old o'clock

Tomorrow is Election Day!!!! I know that we all have different views, and that's cool, but PLEASE go vote tomorrow!!! So So SO important!!!

Says the old lady.
How is it October 9th already!?! what happened??

I turn 23 in less than a month. twenty-three. I feel like, for some reason, this is a big deal. I feel like a lot is going to change with this new age.

I won't be at VCU anymore. I might not even be in Richmond. Maybe I'll be employed. Maybe i'll still just be a nanny.

But I think I crave some change. Everything had gotten monotonous. Wake up. class. work. class. homework. sleep. repeat.

Maybe I just need a hot boyfriend. someone find me one of those. and then do my readings for class for me. please and thank you.

I also miss Restonnnn

I'll be home for one night only (a limited engagement, if you will) on Friday, but then am going to Pittsburgh to see my brother on Saturday morning. I miss my momma!! Haven't been home since mid-august, and now it's half way through the semester!! that's a long timeee.

well. Got a shitton of reading to do.

over and out.

A New Path

Today I officially applied to graduate in December without my Master's.

I honestly don't know how I feel about it. Part of me is really excited to graduate and have a degree, but another part of me sort of feels like I failed in my program. They've primed us for this grad program since we were freshmen. It was assumed we would go into it. When I applied today, they changed my major from LSEE (Liberal Studies and Elementary Education) to Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus in Education. what?? this makes no sense to me, and it's actually the part that I'm most hurt by. I did everything. I completed every class that people going onto grad school completed but now I'm not allowed to graduate as an Elementary Education major. It's their way of keeping you in the program, I guess. But it's bullshit. and I can't contest it. I've known from the get-go that this is what happens. I dunno, I should be happy. I'm choosing a new path, getting out of academia for a little while, but I guess it doesn't feel like a culmination of my effort at this University. It just feels like I decided to stop, which I know isn't true. I've worked hard here, and I've loved it, but I won't be walking with people in my major.

It's just kind of a bummer. And I'm PMSing, which doesn't help.

So I'm applying to TFA. which I really want (have yet to talk to Jenna about, but still). I just really NEED to teach. I need to get to these kids ASAP. I can write a lesson plan in my sleep. And I cannot wait to be a part of these kids lives.

Gah, I've just never been this uncertain before. I've always had Grad school planned, always known that I would teach after that. But I think I need this break. I need something new. I probably need to get out of Virginia.

I always know that fundamentally, I will be ok. I will always be loved, I will always have somewhere to go, I will always have home. So what is there to be afraid of? In that sense, I can't fail. No matter what happens, If I get in, or if I don't, I'll have a plan, and a bunch of people to back me up.

So at this point, all I can do is finish up in kick ass style, and worry about the future later.

Kit and Nick

I went to visit my Grandmom this weekend in NJ. She fell and needed some help, so mumsie and I drove up. I've been recording different stories about her life and life with my pop-pop for about a year now, and this weekend she gave me a bunch of papers she wrote about him. I am seriously blown away by their relationship. Pop died in 2007, and he took part of my grandmom's soul with him. I see other relationships, the way people act toward one other, and constantly compare it to their relationship. It was so equal and loving. Thank god I had them as role models. This also means that I'll constantly be looking for someone like pop, which I think is impossible.

When she talks about him, she goes into another world. It's like I'm not even in the room. This is the stuff of fairytales. I mean, they went through some shit, were very poor and had 7 kids, but were so incredibly happy just to be together. Reading these pages she wrote makes me want to vomit and cry and yet they make me SO happy to know that there can be happiness like they had. The respect that they had for one another is incredible. I wish I had been able to record Pop's view of things, but let me just give you a few excerpts of what she wrote about him:

"He was such a good dancer, and loved music. We would fall asleep at night listening to music and holding hands or with his arms around me."

"We went out for dinner and as we sat talking (this was about the middle or end of June), he just stopped talking and looked deep into my eyes. It was like we were in a vacuum with no one around us. I thought I might have stopped breathing, my mouth was so dry and time seemed to stand still for ages, though it was only minutes. He quietly took his hand and placed it over mine on the table. Neither of us moved. I couldn't have loved him more in those few moments...Later after many years, he told me that was when he knew there would be no one else for him."

IS THIS A JOKE?? that was when they were dating. she was TWENTY. They got engaged that October and were married the following June, 1954. She said that just seeing his clothes in the same closet as hers made her the happiest person.

there are so many lines just like thatttt. Grams is telling everyone that I'm going to write a book about their stories. I don't even know how to begin doing that! Also, what makes her think I can write that well?? oy.

My uncle told me that he had a dream the other night where pop was standing far away with light all around him. Uncle Mark ran for ages to get to him, and when he finally reached the light, pop said "Mark- this is twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week" and handed him a folded piece of paper. He opened it, and all it said was "Love Stories". Then pop vanished.

I feel like that's pretty important. All of this is SO important. I need to remind people that there IS so much love in the world, and Grandmom and Pop were proof of it. He was so incredibly kind and generous, and badass. He had tattoos that he got when he joined the Navy. One was a pin-up girl, and he always told us that it was Grandmom. He had a motorcycle, and her parents hated him for it, and refused to let her see him. So she sneaked out at night, hopped on the back of the bike, and went dancing.

I can't even begin to describe how complex and yet incredibly simple their relationship was. I gotta find me someone like Pop. I'll let you know how the search goes.

Grams says that the keys to a happy marriage are good wine, good sex, and good talks.

also I'm frustrated that I'm 22 already. gotta get it together!!


Have a good semester, everyone!!!

For some of you, it's your last. enjoy that shit.

Some of us have 2 1/2 years left. wahhhh.

love you! miss you already!! obvi i'll update about my boyfriends and wild sex life later.


No, I did not hook up with a girl.Naomi is ridiculous and is not allowed near my computer!!! You psycho!!!

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you guys.............

i hooked up with a girl yesterday!!!!!


Dear god in heaven, baby jesus praise his light THE SUN HAS ARRIVED.

I soaked this shit UP! obvi...I got burned even after applying my spf 50 that I carry with me at all times. Friday I had no class, that class that I teach was canceled, and so i had absolutely NOTHING to do. It was amazing. I haven't had a day like that in SO EFFING LONG. So I took a blanket, water, and a book to Maymont (this really awesome park w/ beautiful gardens) is legit just laid in the glorious sun for three houuuurrrsss.

there were also tons of really hot half-naked boys running around.

It was frikken BEAUTIFUL. and I really needed that time to just chill becuase everything has been entirely too hectic around here. Like...so stressful, yo!

On that note, my choir's final concert is may 2nd, which is a monday, but it's reading days for us...you guys should probably come. Since this choir takes up my entire existence. And I had to choreograph like...every song. shut up. i know. at least come so you can make fun of me. or marvel at my hot bod, which I know you guys do anyway.

On that note.... since running the 10k, I may have actually started to enjoy running. I've been going out like every day, just running a few miles. I usually take McKenna (john and liz's puppy) with me, and it is the BEST! ps- simone- super proud of you, girl! 5 days a week!!? shit!

about my last post, my mom is not moving anymore....as far as i know. she looked at a place down in woodbridge, but decided it was too far. so Reston fo' lyyyyfe!! what whaaaat! no that actually good since I'm working legit ALL SUMMER again.

I need an actual vacation.


wait. livejournal is seriously failing me. after 9 years?!?! comeooon! I can't see my friends page at alll!! I don't know if you guys can..so this might be pointless.

anyway...i'm taking this class called Women in the Bible. it's a filler class, but it seems pretty cool. but, with all classes like this, there is that group of women who NEVER STOP TALKING and interrupting with things like "correct me if i'm wrong, but...", or "IIIIII've read that blee blah bloo"

and they all happen to be short. and have short red hair. in every class. without fail.

calm down, kids. we have a professor for a reason.